ALPHABET Color Tuning using araya® by Lumenetix, dynamically and precisely tunes light with accuracy, control and consistency. Any subject can be displayed in optimum natural light or further optimized with gradients of off-Planckian colors.

ALPHABET Color Tuning uses wired or wireless control, and software model that enables intelligent devices and lamps to communicate with each other to render a perfectly mixed LEDbased white light at 2 SDCM about the Planckian curve.

Natural light and intuitive controls – backed by three closed-loop software systems that transform the visual, physiological and psychological to the illumination of objects, tasks and spaces.

Lumenetix Color Chart

ALPHABET Color Tune mixes five different colors of high brightness, broad spectrum LEDs – none of which are white – to deliver light that is 2 SCDM about the Planckian curve at 90+ CRI across the tuning range.

This results in light that accurately depicts, across the full tuning range, the object’s color as compared to its color in true sunlight.


  • Tunable range: 1650 - 8000K
  • 90+ CRI
  • Dimmable from 100 - 1% at constant CCT
  • Color gamut control: gradients of saturated colors from 1 - 100% can be added to color points
  • Integrated driver electronics and araya5 logic
  • On board thermal and optical feedback for color consistency <2 MacAdam ellipse over 50,000 hour life
  • In-line spectral capture and storage creates unique color model for each Zhaga-compliant LED array, resulting in consistent CRI and CCT across all arrays
  • On-board thermal turndown
  • Compatible with 0 - 10V wired controls
  • DMX512-A-RDM or Lutron EcoSystem accessibility via optional accessory board that connects to an electrically isolated compartment within the ALM
  • On-board Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Copy and Paste for exact fixture to fixture matching
  • SceneSet enables up to five scenes to be preprogrammed and recalled using a 0 - 10V recommended dimmer or via Bluetooth
  • DMX slots set by RDM or via wireless araya5 Tunable Color iOS app