SHOPline Trunk

The ZETA SHOPline is a great solution for energy conscious installations of new construction or retrofit of an existing space. SHOPline provides quality of light and simple installation, energy and maintenance savings. The SHOPline Linear LED trunk system and BETA pendants with THETA spots can be used to replace most general lighting installations. The process of selecting, installing and maintaining is so easy – it’s simple and economical allowing true light design using advanced optics and fixtures for general illumination.

  • Extruded aluminum housing, 3 lengths • 120 / 277 VAC
  • 7 Wire, 15 Amp system. Contact factory for 11 wire system
  • 7 wire system: 2 x HOT, 1 x NEU (15 Amp max), 1 x GND, 1 x EM-HOT, 2 x DIM
  • Accepts track and LED linear inserts