NU SUN Series
The ALPHABET NU SUN Series features SUNlike® by Seoul®. The first NATURAL SPECTRUM light source which best mimics the spectrum of the sun. SUNlike achieves what others have failed.

• Human-Centric Benefit with increased EML (Equivalent Melanopic Lux) for alertness, focus and overall wellbeing.
• High Quality Light with 97 CRI maximizing natural hues and saturation along with suppressed shortwave blue for decreased glare for occupants as well as on illuminated subject. Reduces "scattering" (cause of squinting) in the eye.
• Highest Efficiency for Human-Centric with over 100 lumens per watt.
• Low Cost with high ROI. High Quality light with Human-Centric benefit SUNlike is near standard cost with very modest adder.
• Applications Include Gallery, Retail, Education, Assisted Living and Healthcare.

SUNlike Suppresses the short-wave 450nm blue spike and closes the "green gap" while enriching the reds for a natural sun spectral effect enhancing Human-Centric, Circadian Regulation with increased EML. The short-wave blue also is the cause of most glare in general light. The dotted line below represents the actual Solar Spectrum.
SUNlike Graph
NU SUN Series decreases the washout glare effect while enriching colors especially red, blues and white, as shown above. The wash out, glare effect effect happens in our eyes with standard LED's causing the "Scattering effect".
SUN Series Example