06/12 - 06/14, 2018, Vancouver/Victoria Canada

Lighting, Art + Science will be held on June 12 + June 14 at the Parq Vancouver + Hotel Grand Pacific respectively

Seminar A: Light and Shadow. Sustainable Lighting for Urban Landscapes

This seminar will highlight how “Energy”, presented here as -shadows and light - played a key role during ancestral societies, in our present day, and will keep doing so in the future. Elias will talk about creating a Space within a Space, using light. Our privacy, the connectivity, speed of mobility and handling the big data are some of the issues that are being analyzed in order to achieve a human centric lighting design for urban and public spaces.

Seminar B: Making an Emotional Connection with Lighting

Light is used in a variety of applications and the important subject is PEOPLE. Colour preference is about people and applications. Discover how lighting design and light contributes to enhancing experiences. The effects of light sources on and below the black body locus will be discussed and how it affects perception and enhances colour appearance in a variety of applications. Explore how you want people to feel comfortable, attractive, confident, and good about themselves. An in-depth study on the cosmetic industry will also be explored.

Seminar C: The Science and Application of Circadian Lighting

With growing emphasis on healthy built environments, circadian lighting is a popular topic that many designers and end-users are being asked to explore. This lecture will outline the science behind circadian lighting, telling an easy-to-understand story that helps explain what we should expect from circadian lighting, as well as address important design considerations, who should expect to benefit from circadian lighting and what those benefits are.

Seminar D: The art + science of visual communcaiton

When one hears the term ‘digital signage,’ the first thing that comes to mind is the technology – or, more specifically, the hardware behind such mainstream applications as menu boards and video walls. Technology, however, is just the means to an experience, not an experience. In this seminar, we will discuss how to create out of the box experiences and to look ahead at technology as a way to tell your clients story.

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